06 June 2007

Fwd: Re: WCCUSD will get 1.7 million "required to implement class-size reduction"

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Heres the whole "interesting" thing about grants
that bugs me. First, is this a grant? Or a new
program that will fall under categorical monies?
Its got one of those funny abbreviations, so it
will probably be applied for under categorical?
Is it renewable or one time deal?

The State comes down with the money, tells districts the
$$ is to be used for what have you and it sounds like a
good thing.

We look at the "not so good" side of this for our district

Re: Grants and Donations to the site - Can we say "slush fund"
people? How is it that a principal can get their hands on
preliminary budgets of how much money the site is getting for
NEXT year, but doesn't seem to get the information on the grants
to give to the SSC. True nuff, not all grants are handled this
way. Some are TOO BIG to head to the "slush fund" Or the grant
is handled. Donations to the school must be sent to the board &
approved. While some of our schools have strong PTAs and Parent
Groups who are involved with seeing that donation get used for
the ids, for the sites who do NOT have a strong PTA or parent
voice on the campus - = - - -yes donations go to SLUSH FUND.
This should be part of the School Site Council training.
I would pose this question to m

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> This grant was discussed at a couple of recent board meetings. The
> schools in our district that will get this funding are Kennedy,
> Nystrom, Peres, Stege, and Helms. I don't know if it's enough to
> actually cover the costs of class size reduction at these schools
> it's a significant amount of money. It's going to be interesting to
> the impact, especially at the secondary schools.
> Cathy
> sunsetjill wrote:
> > Link http://www.cde.ca.gov/nr/ne/yr07/yr07rel62.asp?print=yes
> > <http://www.cde.ca.gov/nr/ne/yr07/yr07rel62.asp?print=yes>
> > REL #07-62
> > Hilary McLean
> > communications@ <mailto:communications%40cde.ca.gov>
> > 916-319-0818
> > May 2, 2007
> >
> >
> > SACRAMENTO – State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack
> > O'Connell announced today that he has submitted to the State Board
> > of Education a list of 488 low-performing schools from throughout
> > California that will receive dramatically increased new funding to
> > invest in programs aimed at boosting student achievement. The
> > were allocated through the Quality Education Investment Act that
> > passed last summer as part of a settlement of a lawsuit filed by
> > O'Connell and the California Teachers Association against Governor
> > Schwarzenegger and the California Department of Finance for
> > to properly fund Proposition 98 in the 2004-05 and 2005-06 budget
> > years.
> >
> > "The Quality Education Investment Act allows us to invest
> > significant resources for some of our lowest-performing schools,"
> > O'Connell said. "We can change the direction of these schools by
> > hiring new, motivated teachers, decreasing class size, improving
> > student-to-counselor ratio, and providing more assistance and
> > training for existing teachers and principals. I am looking
> > to seeing the changes these schools make to increase the quality
> > education for their students, and the improvement in student
> > achievement that results."
> >
> > The Quality Education Investment Act provides $2.7 billion over
> > seven years to the selected schools. When the Act is fully
> > implemented by fiscal year 2008-09, the funds will be distributed
> > a basis of $500 per pupil for grades kindergarten through third,
> > $900 per pupil in grades fourth through eighth, and $1,000 per
> > for grades ninth through twelfth. In the initial funding year
> > (fiscal year 2007-08), the amount distributed to schools will be
> > slightly lower.
> >
> > Schools eligible for the new funding were elementary, secondary,
> > charter schools that ranked in either deciles 1 or 2 as determined
> > by the 2005 Academic Performance Index (API) base. Schools that
> > submitted applications were then randomly selected using a process
> > that accounted for statutory requirements for geographic and
> > level distribution.
> >
> > "This vital law focuses on making changes at our schools of
> > need that teachers and parents know will improve student
> > said Barbara E. Kerr, president of the California Teachers
> > Association. "CTA sponsored this law to bring badly needed
> > to these disadvantaged schools. The Quality Education Investment
> > invests in proven intervention reforms like smaller class sizes,
> > more counselors, and quality training for teachers and principals.
> > This is putting money where our heart is – with schools serving
> > mostly poor or English learner students across the state."
> >
> > Most participating schools will be required to implement class-
> > reduction. High schools will be required to decrease the student-
> > counselor ratio to 300:1 and teaching staff in all schools must
> > participate in professional development. A small number of schools
> > receiving Quality Education Investment Act funds will be given the
> > opportunity to implement their own plans using alternative
> > based approaches to improving student achievement. Schools in the
> > program must exceed their API growth target for the school
> > over the first three years of full funding. Schools funded by the
> > Quality Education Investment Act that continue to meet the program
> > and achievement requirements shall be funded annually through the
> > 2013-14 fiscal year.
> >
> > Up to $2 million will be allocated to county offices of education
> > annually monitor the implementation of this investment program in
> > funded schools. In addition, $5 million is being made available to
> > two county office of education centers to provide technical
> > assistance to funded schools and districts on how to use the
> > Education Investment Act funds most effectively. The two centers
> > the Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) and the Los
> > County Office of Education (LACOE). Staff at the California
> > Department of Education have initiated planning with SCOE and
> > for delivery of these services starting this summer.
> >
> > The State Board of Education is expected to formally approve the
> > list of schools selected by O'Connell and the Governor's Secretary
> > for Education, Dr. David Long, during its May Board meeting, to be
> > held next week.
> >
> > Please see the attached list of schools selected to receive the
> > Quality Education Investment Act funds.
> >
> >

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