09 August 2007

Powerful Parents - Why are we hiding???

I gotta tell this little kid the system is broken. And that in all honesty, I have no idea what the world will look like when he may be a parent, if he decides to have kids at all. Is this the agony of a parent? Being REAL with your child? Do we feed them fairytales until that time and risk them hating us forever for covering up the TRUTH????

My 6 year old asked if the United States has nuclear weapons. Shocked he has been exposed to such words, instead of answering his question - I ask him where he heard the phrase. A darn video game of course (drats that older brother playing games that are Teen rated)
This is the problem that a parent like me has made for themselves. When did parents put "worrying about what my kid thinks of me" ahead of "being a good parent" ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? When did I do something so stupid?
When the TRUTH was too painful for me - MYSELF to see.
The TRUTH is - yes my child misbehaves in class. YES, my child needs accommodations made for him in order for him to remain "proficient" and continue to learn. And this is not to inspire learning, just to make sure he is not illiterate!!!!
It is up to US THE PARENTS to inspire our children to be lifelong learners. Sure, your child MIGHT GET LUCKY and have a special teacher that will inspire AND bring out passion and interest in
certain subjects. Consider yourself BLESSED -
Only when we embrace the truth and use this as our lesson plan
for our kids AND as a "parenting with power" manual will we find
where our real passion for parenting is.
Yes, I consider being a parent a JOB - sometimes not a very likeable
one at that. This simple act of thought has put me on the road to being a better parent. We can ALWAYS be better parents, and we don't ALWAYS have to like being a parent. That does not make us CRIMINALS that makes us HUMANS.

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