24 September 2007

Parent Involvement in Public Education - We must act to demand a PLAN!

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I think their process of parent involvement is a very good one. One
which any school could promote through their SSC Plan. I believe the
majority of
parents would love to participate in the schools if there were clear
plans for
their involvement. Most SSC plans have very limited parent
components (cookie cutter), that are not "researched based" in terms
of the
communities they serve. Manzanita on the other hand, has found out
what the
school community is willing to do and implemented that within their
school plan.
Schools must come up with different ways to involve parents, they
must take into
consideration that parents work, go to school, have limited
transportation, etc.
and come up with a plan to involve the parent even if it is cutting
out pictures
for school project at home and sending them in by the stu
dent or participating in a phone tree, etc. Most parent can do
something, the
schools must provide an opportunity for their involvement. I do
believe the SSC
process is a very powerful way to improve schools, but the SSC must
be used as
the legislature intended in order to benefit the school and

Yes this is very true. At our last site, our SSC formed a Parent
Involvement subcommittee. Their purpose to design a PARENT
VOLUNTEER FORM that reflected the needs of our school. The
subcommittee got input from teachers, staff, administrators and
kids. They brought the completed form back to the SSC mtg &
we approved it. The form was to be included in the packet of
paperwork the children bring home with the EMERGENCY CARDS/LUNCH
APPLICATION @ beginning of year.

Our subcommittee then moved into PHASE 2 of their purpose which
was OPERATION HUMAN CONTACT. We wanted to ensure every
parent/adult/guardian of EVERY child at our site was acknowledged
with a phone call from our PARENT VOLUNTEER SUBCOMMITTE. We put a
RETURN DATE on our flyer, so when we
began the calls the idea was to THANK the parents who returned the
flyer, and inquire about the flyer to the ones who did not return it.
We all felt very strongly about the site making ONE effort to reach
out to the parents & let them know how they could help give back to
the site. Like Scottie says, most parents WANT to help!

The designing of the form to fit the needs of your site is very
important. Ties to your site such as annual events, exciting things
the children want to participate it are alwys SURE WAYS to draw
parents to the school. Once they feel the community feeling(s) one
gets from being a part of something at the school, you can almost
guarantee they will be asking again - HOW CAN I HELP MY KID'S SCHOOL?

You can also begin collecting information on the parent who does not
give back to the school. This information is crtical to determine
why is this parent dis-engaged?

A plan such as this, written into your site plan would be a true
effort at encouraging parent involvement. My child goes to a school
where parent involvement is encouraged, and it shows the minute you
get on that school campus. Our principal spends before school &
lunch time with the children. The office - the heart of the school,
is quiet & orderly. Parent information can be found on important
things & smiling faces of students of the month you can find on the
wall. We have PARENT/STUDENT handbook that was sent home outlining
the school's plan. Our SSC elections were just held, with
information sent home outlining the process and the purpose of the
SSC. The results in having a school like this? Last year, at the
special events honoring Dr. Seuss's birthday, our school had over
100 parents/family members show up. When parents feel appreciated
and part of their kid's school, its a win/win situation. The kids
feel SECURE. They LOVE having their parents come to their school.


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