06 October 2007

2007-08 School Site Councils - Sound Off!!

With a few Site Council trainings still left, please post the status of your site council
to the list.  This message is being sent to both our superintendents along with the
people in our State/Federal Programs office.
By now most sites have "selected" or "elected" their 2007-08 school site council.
We need to identify those sites who have NOT, because site plans must be developed
to submit to our school board for approval.  Site plans are developed by the School
Site Council, and site plans must be voted on and approved by the School Site
Council before the plans are submitted to the school board for their approval.
  What is a site plan?
 would be the best answer.
  EVERYTHING that goes on at each site, along
with how much $$ is being spent at that site is in this plan.  Each site also must
Again, you will find ALL THIS in the SCHOOL SITE PLAN.
For more information on WHAT a school site council is, you can visit the district
There you will also see the site plans for all of our schools for the 2006-07 school
year.  This information will be used, along with test data released Aug 2007,review of previous year by State/Federal programs, budget information & other measures to 
develop the site's plan for 2007-08 school year.
On the main page of the district website, underneath the board meeting dates, you
will see "school site council trainings announced" - all the information you need is
Reporting on:
Murphy held their elections approx two weeks ago.  Notices were sent home 1 week prior to
election and result notice sent immediatley following election.  Murphy noted on their
school calendar the date of their SSC training (10/2/07 4 to 6pm).  Parents could not
ask for more notification.  Murphy has their next SSC meeting 10/10/07 Wed @ 3:00pm.  Murphy notes their SSC meeting date/time on their school calendar.  Murphy has their
PARENT/STUDENT HANDBOOK, with clear information on how the site runs, and how
the DISTRICT BASIC COMMITTMENTS are carried out.  This IS a requirement for all
schools, however this is the first time I have had the pleasure of reporting on a site
that has done this.
School Site Council nomination forms were sent home with the packet on papers
the children receive at the beginning of the year.  Site held election.  Letters were
just sent out to all those who were nominated for Site Council 2007-08.  Letter
informs nominee of frequency of meetings (once a month) and regular meeting
date.  Crespi will hold an emergency meeting on Wednesdayt October 10 @
5:30pm to discuss the budget.  Crespi also has a PARENT/STUDENT HANDBOOK
which was given out at orientation.  The site also has a Leadership class which
will place the 2 student representatives on their school site council.
Review the district website again.  Ask your principal about your site's status on
your School Site Council.  If you have not attended a school site council training
and wish to do so, check the final dates for training.  The district will also come
to your site and train your council - if necessary - HOWEVER the principal must
request this.
If there are problems at your site, please contact State/Federal programs so
they can resolve them quickly.  You can email:
Toni Oklan-Arko
TOklan-Arko @
Nia Rashidchi
NRashidchi @
In your email,  let them know help is needed to work together to get your site
into compliance with State/Federal laws.  This is their job, and they will take
care of it.  If you are a district employee and face retaliation, ridicule,  write-ups,
transfer and even LOSS OF PAYCHECK,
feel free to email me
or call my home
and the
WCCUSD Parent Dream Team*
Women Caring for Children United Strong Determined
will look into the matter for you and get a resolution.
Dr. Burnside and Dr. Harter have worked hard with their
staff and the sites ensuring that the site council process
is followed as per the California Education Code. Email
them directly:
have also taken great steps to build an honest working
relationship that truly educates and involves parents and community
members as they both know the POWER that comes with everyone
working together for the better education of our children.
Thank you and we look forward to hearing
*WCCUSD Parent Dream Team - a group of moms, women,
dads and men who have the determination and heart to do
what it takes to make our schools the very best they CAN be.
Working the system is our specialty.  Working our administration
to earn their paychecks is another.  Working with our board members
on failed campaign promises is our next mission.  Stay Tuned!


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