17 May 2007


Please make sure this information is widely known.

If more people knew about this, it would sure take

that " helpless & hopeless" feeling that comes from not being heard and channel it into some REAL action for all concerned.






Requests to Address the Board
2. A formal written request to address the Board and to be listed on the agenda must be received in the Office of the Superintendent five working days preceding the Board meeting. A written summary indicating the subject to be presented shall accompany any requests so that information pertinent to the matter can be available. The requestor will receive written notification of the date of his/her presentation. These items are listed on the agenda under "Requests to Address the Board." There is a three-minute time limit for each address. Presenters of formal written requests will be allowed to speak first.
3. This agenda item will be limited to 30 minutes with speakers called in the order requests are received. Requests must be submitted prior to the beginning of the agenda item. Speakers who cannot be accommodated in the 30-minute period will be given an opportunity to address the Board at the end of the regular business of the Board, time permitting.
4. The Board will automatically refer to staff any formal written matters brought before them at this time


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