19 May 2007

Parents with brilliant independent thinking children LISTEN HERE!!!

Save yourself some drama and do exactly as I say.

My child has behavior problems and we
are working hard with my chil , and all concerned
at school & at home,
to ensure that his/her educational needs are being met."

"This makes me a good parent, and I release all guilt and inadequate
feelings I may be feeling as these feelings have no place in my higher
good or my child's higher good"

My kid has behavior problems that are beginning to affect his learning,
and have already had an impact on his relationship with his peers.

If you are like me, who is lucky enough to have a brilliant, bright,
fascinatingly insightful little 6 year old WAY wise beyond his year
this end of the school year is MOST CHALLENGING. I don't care
if your child is off the HOOK, if you are there hearing all the things
that go on from the teacher/principal/yard supervisor

My kid has been acting up.
There I said it in public.

Heres the deal:

When behavior issues send my kid to the office or home on suspension,
the school must have "other measures" in place to exhaust before making the decision to suspend the child. In my child's case, a Behavior Support
Plan was drafted up as "other measures" to try and keep my kid in class
completing his work.

Well, parents in the end, the school will always go back to you because of

1. YOU are the child's first and MOST IMPORTANT teacher. School has
your child less than 20%. WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR 80%.

2. PARENTS have the clues and insights the school needs to figure out
how to teach your child. Don't wait to hear this from the district. Its
a fact, however telling you this would give you some power and the
system is NOT set up to do such a wild thing.

On Friday, my 1st grader decided to dump a wastebasket all over another

child's desk. He got suspended -

Only when I sat down with my child and took the time to listen to him

tell me about his day (without forcing my adult like thinking on him),

and guess what? He accomplished what we asked him to do on the

Behavior Support Plan.

We broke his day down in three parts so my son can be encouraged

by earning points all day.

He earns points for the follow

1. Listen and follow directions

2. Keep your Hands to yourself

3. No bad words ever!

The Behavior Support Plan also stated a sheet of paper (1/4 sheet)

stating whether or not the child completed his work, this would also

list how many points my kid earned.

My kid KNOWS the reward system. I told the people at my SST

meeting that he would find the loophole and have us adults jumping

up and down again. We are back to that point. We are now looking at the stress at the school sites for assessment time. My school is excellent in ensuring that all children have the opportunity to not be interrupted from learning what they need to know. We are very blessed.

However, I feel that more consideration towards "Involved Parents" should be stressed at the end of the year. Yes, please treat me special!!!
However, only I can treat myself that way I deserve to be treated....and how can I do that when I feel like I am not being a good parent? That somewhere, I have not thought of everything to help my child with his behavior problems in school....

Well its the parent shame/guilt. Its ours if we claim it
I chose not to

My child is lucky to have me for a parent, and I will try to live up to his
unconditional love by trying everything possible to ensure he has a good
experience in school. School has changed so much since we went. These kids
don't even enjoy kindergarten, they are too busy with work.........

Ok, there it is - putting it out there that it is purged from my guilty system,
and someone else might be uplifted