12 May 2007

Teach them well - they are the future!!!

I often told my kids (in more ways than one) how great it is being a
kid and how NOT FUN being a grown up is. My youngest and most
insightful son in his 6 years of wisdom challenged my statement by
telling me that grown ups are not really very smart because they
don't play with toys anymore.

My "adult thinking" is often put in check by this young man,
and for those parents who think they cannot draw a pretty picture,
or can't remember how to make something really cool with Legos,
or don't have the time to sit down and play with crayons and color
one picture, or play a game of Connect Four, Mouse Trap or
CandyLand - ask yourself
What will matter 100 years from today?

Showing your child the respect of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE
by asking them if you could play with them. Ask about how
they like their school. What is their favorite thing to do in
class. Or at recess. All of a sudden you will find youself
flashing back to the child in you! You will remember the
fun "playing" when you were that age! How much you loved
running to the tether ball pole to get first in line, performing in
a play when you were in second grade and how scared you were
and how loved you felt to see your family in the audience cheering
you on. Keep it up, and you will get pretty good at tapping into
the kid in you - with the help from your kid of course

Your children and their UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is the
only thing that will matter 100 years from now.

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