07 May 2007

Parents Daily Survival Kit

gave me a "Parent Daily Survival Kit"

Here is the poem, describing each item:
I give you a toothpick, to remind you to pick out the good
qualities in me
I give you a rubber band, to remind you to be flexible with
me, things may not always go the way you want, but they
always work out.
I give you a Band-aid to remind you to heal my hurt feelings.
I give you a pencil, to remind you to list me as a blessing.
I give you an eraser, to remind you that I sometimes make
mistakes and it's OK.
I give you Glue to remind you to stick with me! If you do I
can accomplish anything.
I give you a Mint to remind you that I'm worth a mint.
I give you a Candy Kiss, to remind you that I need
a kiss and hug every day.
I give you a Tea Bag to remind you to take time for
yourself; you've earned it - you are my parents.

And a note reminding me that my kid will love me
no matter what I do - and that is the truth.
What are we doing to honor the UNCONDITIONAL
love our children have for us?
Hey, I love all my children of course.
This young man makes me want to be a better person, he has
inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and say HEY I am
a good parent & I want to be better

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