07 May 2007

What are you doing with your SEND button

What does Blog mean? U say? Depends on the who and what?
Its almost sci-fi
Its making contact with masses in an instant,
like a mass mailing from the post office - but times a MILLION
and with the click of a button

And you thought the President of the
United States had a powerful button.

Bloggin is (I think - just now learning)
a way people can be tapped INSTANTLY into other people's views and opinions
. My sister says its just an online journal. I say depends
on WHOs online journal right? .

The Internet is not regulated - its like the Wild West - ok?
That is the shit in a nutshell really. I saw someone in our sorry
ass government (Ted Kennedy) holding on to the
idea that the government should not be involved with regulating
what is on the Internet.
Hes right. Cause they can't

Were there any real regulators in the Wild West?
Self-proclaimed? Hmmmmmmm.

The is my favorite "is it bullshit" site

I come to that site just to SEE the crap that is out there!

My opinion about the computer and Intenet has changed over
the years. I thought it was EVIL EVIL EVIL as my son cheated
his way out of writing a paper. When I saw my husband pay
more attention to strangers on the Internet than me, I cursed
the day that wicked thing came into my home. Well turns out
my kid is a manipulative genius, and the husband is still
searching minus me. Thats just SHIT HAPPENING And
my IGNORANCE on what the Internet meant to me at
the time. I had no idea of the power of the Internet.

So Im back with smarts and ready to USE the Internet like
everyone else out there to make a point.

After four years of hands-on, inner-city community engagment
work with the families in the Iron Triangle area of Richmond CA
my longing to be the voice for these famillies became strong.
I saw first hand, the inequity of the # of homes with Internet,
most of these had families! The shame that comes with
NOT having a computer with Internet access for your
child. What a thing to judge a parent by is all I kept
thinking! Now I know why. Any little thing that can
be turned on you as an "inadequate parent" will
be done by "the man" in ensuring you stay ignorant
and stupid to your rights. .

Ask yourself this - Why would the system be set up to
make sure people stay stupid to their rights?
Anyone see the movie "Bugs Life" ??? Most of y'all
have kids and already know the answer to the above

The ants collect the food, the grasshoppers come, grasshoppers eat
the food, grasshoppers leave. That is the bugs life! Only when a free
thinking ant named Flik take action did the ants do anything different.
They laughed at him first, called him crazy. Flik shook up ants so
much, they finally realized that the ANTS outnumbered the GRASSHOPPERS
and they had NOTHING to be afraid of.


Parents are so busy with raising children, we often don't even realize we are
falling into the trap that we are mindless ants who cannot think for ourselves
and do not dare ask questions. I recently attended a meeting of "experts"
regarding my youngest little guy Jason. It was the FIRST time I sat there
with the confidence that I TOO WAS AN EXPERT. Perhaps the most sought
after expert at the table. Because I hold the missing piece of the puzzle that
the educator needs to have. The PARENT has the child for the majority of
the time. Parents have answers that the educators need. The problem is,
the system is not set up for educators to ask these questions.

Only we
are parents can honor each other with ensuring that all parents who have
children in public school realize we can not look at sending Johnny and Sally
off to school with the confidence knowing they are learning their ABCs and 123s.
Look up the stats people I have talked enough. Our kids are failing.

Look forward to working with many of you to use this Internet for the higher
good of our kids. And my focus is getting parents to take back their power.
And fight for what they believe in. Our children receiving an education that
will inspire them to be lifelong learners. For they are the future leaders of
this country.

An inspiring note to close with: Recently a poll was done for 16-25 year
olds via email, text messaging - all those gadgets our young folks have
to have. The results were inspiring. What is on their minds? The breadown
of families and violence in their neighborhoods were the top two things.

Now that gave me hope for this next generation.
A Medina
Parent Advocate
It is time to reaffirm our belief in
the love, wisdom and power of parents
Randy Gaschler - Parent Driven Schools

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