07 May 2007

Teach them well - they are the future!!!

My Boys with a very special person in their life. Now these children have
LOVE written all over their little faces. Our kids need more grown ups like this. Children need to know how much they are loved, as they navigate through all the change and challenges that LIFE will throw their way. Do you have some grown ups in your life that make your children feel loved and special? Think a grateful, happy thought for them right now.

I am truly blessed to have many grown ups in my life who love my children and make sure the love is IN ACTION. It may be a compliment on a job well done
at school, recognition of the child being courteous and sharing, just RECOGNIZING that child exists, stopping to check out their cool new toy, meeting their best buddy next store, checking out their special "fort" they made in the tree, talking about where lady bugs are flying away, and how do we know it is "home" they are going.

I am a single parent. Many a days I wish there were several of me, so the real me could rest for a bit!! HA! I tell ya though, even on the most STRESSFUL of days, the insight I get from my 6 year old when asking him what made him happy that day is worth more than a month of therapy sessions. The joy I feel when taking the few minutes to sit down for a "team meeting" with my two kids and hear how their day went gives me such energy.

On the days where I can only seem to find faults in my children, I know that I have not paid enough attention to their needs & quickly organize a team mtg
(or briefing) so again they know their grownup in charge really cares what they think and what they have to say. There is something humbling about getting
on the floor with the kids and checking out life from their level, if only but for a few minutes. Try it, I guarantee it will be something you could get hooked on quite easily.

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