27 July 2007

Commentary about up & coming Parcel Tax Measure G

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By voting no on measure G it also hurts the teachers. What Gail did
simply means that UTR's name is not on the list of endorsements.
Margaret, I think you should use the term "I" instead of we. Many
teachers live outside of Contra Costa County and don't even vote on
these measures. I would venture to guess however that the majority
of teachers do.
I still think measure G will pass. I am in the minority and almost
everything or anyone I vote for is never passed or elected. I am
still undecided on measure G.
It seems like a no brainier, however that's the problem.
Education funding has become so complicated. That's why we have to
spend almost $500,000.00 on consultants for new or possibly existing
software to explain it all to us stupid ignorant parents, teachers,
administrators, etc…
When will this end? Since common sense has become distorted by
attorneys, consultants and politicians our society has
deteriorated. We the People have sacrificed so much already.
So what's another $220.00 a year going to hurt me? Well it does
hurt when you take salary drop from $35,000.00 a year in 1997 to -0-
because you want to raise your own child. So I learn to BUDGET for
the good of my child. For 5 years I took part time work with
WCCUSD. The first year I yielded about $3,000.00. I think the year
I left in 2004-2005 I had an annual income of about $8,000.00. This
is not due to increased wages, but increased hours.
I don't know anyone in the business world getting large raises; I
think most are just thankful they have a job. So now that I have
depleted my retirement due to foolish life choices, should I ask the
taxpayers to help me out? Or family members? I'm not talking about
the choice to raise my child or my BUDGET. My BUGET was working; I
disregarded it and squandered money away over the last few years.
So based on personal experience, I know the district can tighten its
belt. Fess up to their mistakes and do what's best for the
community and stop taking our "local" money and STOP blaming someone
So from today forward, I will return to my BUDGET and commit not to
squander and more money away. I challenge the district to do the


Jill Wolkenfeld

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