24 July 2007

Fwd: ~*~*ArCHiVes-2006 Procedures with Consultants*~*

Written record of administration's attempt to lie to the
public about consultant procedures being revamped, redone,
relooked at, retooled, WHATEVBER!!!

Anyone talking big words of CHANGE, especially newcomers should
really be taken with a grain of salt. Lets just not take these
things at face value folks.

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January 9, 2006

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Attention President Ramsey and Board Members:

At the board meeting back on September 7, 2005
brand new words of encouragement from the district
appeared on this item in your board packet. These words
are the subject of this post. As magically as these words
appeared on this item, please be aware that these words have
just as magically DISAPPEARED January 4, 2005.

These words appeared after board members discussed the
procedure of consultant contracts, and addressed
administration about their concerns
with approving contracts for work done,questioning huge sums
of money being paid out, bringing up ideas about
surveys, accountability, and also questioning
Mr. Kilmartin
on his knowledge of what the $ amount was for
contracts that did
need board approval.

The words of false hope
would then appear every month on this item, leading many to
possibly believe that this was actually being done.

Please advise if this has been done and completed.
Forward this to Ms. Vedovelli, Dr. LeBlanc or whoever
needed to
get some answers.

Had these words read
The ADMINISTRATION is working on updating procedures
concerning consultant contracts
then I would not be looking to my elected officials for
answers. This is an item of great concern and what an
item it could be if those wonderful ideas and questions
from our board members actually became a reality.

Thank You for your time
Alicia Medina

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