24 July 2007

Fwd: Re: Consultant Fees

No, not all consultants are bad.
Assuming they are all doing their job without
a check and balance system is irresponsible.
Dont buy any more promises when it comes to
changing how business is handled with


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As a matter of fact, she stated that these consultants need to be
before the board prior to any decision being made to hire them,
therefore making
it transparent to the public. This is her goal.

Deja' Vu!!!

Thats the EXACT SAME THING Karen Pfeifer and Dave Brown said
shortly after they got elected to the school board.

Tammy, don't you remember that? I know you read this list,
and we posted about the actions of the school board to
list the words on their action item

"The administration is working on updating procedures with

or something to that affect. This was shortly after Dave &
karen both shook their fingers at administration and vowed
not to approve another back dated contract - possibly doing a
survey - ideas were tossed around.

Maybey you could make a couple phone calls and let the new
Fiscal person know that she has complete support from
Dave BRown and Karen Pfeifer.


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